Owners & Landlords
We're Here for You Too

A process that won't make you lift a finger...
maybe just a golf club.

Amenitize. Revolutionize. Monetize.

Daily Tee has found a way to take building amenities to the next level. State of the art equipment. Entirely mobile set up.
An experience for everyone.

We will keep your current tenants happy,
and bring new ones in.

We're here to help you relax a little.

All of our offerings, in your building.
Whether it be in your lobby or in your tenant's space - we will bring you the full
Daily Tee Experience.

High Tech Equipment

Trackman. SkyTrak. Foresight. 
We have the latest and the greatest in launch monitor technology and simulator experiences. Unlike the building across the street’s basement golf simulator – 

Our’s Works. Every. Time.

Totally Safe for Indoors

We use almost golfballs, which are lightweight and completely harmless, but give the feel of a real golfball. The Net Return is there to catch all our golfers swings – even the beginner’s.

There will be no broken windows on our watch.
(but don’t worry, we have insurance)

A Great Experience Guaranteed

Our trained golf professionals paired with state of the art equipment are the perfect recipe for a mid day break. No matter the experience, golf lesson or happy hour, we guarantee a great time.

And if you don’t enjoy – have us back for another try… on us.

Already Have a Simulator in
Your Building?

Perfect! That means more time for fun.
Our golf pros can still come to your space on schedule with our launch monitor technology and other equipment you may not have available, like chipping block stations, versatile golf club options, and a putting green to elevate your tenant’s golf experiences. We also fit in really well in any game room, gym or lounge areas you may have.

Daily Tee is perfect to add to any space no matter
what you're working with.


League Play

Daily Tee’s Newest Offering! 

Do you and your teammates have what it takes to bring home first place? Are you ready to take on the challenge?

4 weeks. Unlimited Leagues. 1 Winner.

Offering league play paired with complex simulator experiences in a variety of corporate, apartment and office building settings.
Book your location next!

Be Better Than Your Neighbor.

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