An Amazing Workplace Experience

We bring you the equipment and the expertise.
You bring yourself and the willingness to have fun.

Mobile. Virtual. Golf.

One-of-a-kind workplace experience.

A Turnkey Process

You send one Daily Tee curated email to your employees.
We book them for in-office individual or group lessons, tournaments, free play, happy hour, you name it. 

Daily Tee provides an experience for everyone.

World's best at working with individuals that have never touched a golf club.

And if you're really good, we can make you even better.​



League Play

Daily Tee’s Newest Offering! 

Do you and your teammates have what it takes to bring home first place? Are you ready to take on the challenge?

8 weeks. Unlimited Leagues. 1 Winner.

Offering league play paired with complex simulator experiences in a variety of corporate, apartment and office building settings.
Book your location next!

We Come to You

Your home, your office, you name it!
We can go wherever you need us to. The only
requirement is ten square feet of space.

We Bring the Equipment

You bring yourself and we will bring everything needed for having a great experience. We use top of the line SkyTrack, Foresight and TrakMan technology to track your strokes and provide instant feedback.

Contact Us to Get Started

Take the next step and find out what it means to have fun at work. If you're interested in learning more about the workplace activity revolution, contact us now and we will take care of the rest!

We use awesome technology

The technology we use and bring to you is top of the line. Professionals use these systems to train and now you can experience them too. TrackMan, SkyTrak and Foresight track your strokes and provide instant feedback. We use AlmostGolf balls which are designed to make it safe to play indoors. These systems are a fun way to improve your game, compete with each other, and track your progress.

Make the Move​

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